Hairy Cow Ears

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Hairy Cow Ears are a highly nutritious tough treat. They tougher and larger than other ears for dogs. Low in fat, gluten free, grain free and high in protein, the ears are a natural healthy treat most dogs will enioy.


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Hairy Cow Ears are a tasty tough treat as they heavier and tougher than other ears for dogs. They are also naturally lower in fat than other ears, so are healthy natural treat for your dog. They are air dried to preserve as many nutrients as possible. The ears are high in protein and rich in nutrients. They are also grain free and gluten free.
By having the fur been left on the cow ear it brings a different texture to the treat, and the fur also acts as a natural dewormer- as the fur passes through the gut it helps to take away parasites found in there, so the hairy cow ears can aid in a natural deworming regime.

Chips Tips – Also try our Hairy Rabbit Ears, another hairy treat to help aid with those pesky parasites.


100% Beef

Nutritional Analysis

Crude Protein 81% | Crude Fat 4% | Moisture 10% | Crude Ash 4%

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Dimensions 9 × 5 × 20 cm


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