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Treat Your Dog To Gallipots Grooming

Gallipots Dog Grooming in South Cave near Brough at our Pet Health Store, East Yorkshire, is here to indulge your dog with a friendly, experienced, and professional service using the highest quality natural products.

To book Call 01482 692222 or send a message to our Facebook Page for appointments.

Why Choose Gallipots?

For over 20 years, we made sure we provided the very best dog grooming service at one of the country’s leading pet care resorts. We have the experience and knowledge that your dog needs to have a happy, stress-free, and enjoyable time visiting for their regular dog grooming appointments. As with people, each dog is different, with their own personalities, temperaments, and needs, and by choosing us, you’ll be choosing individual attention and time for your dog. Your pup’s haircut is never rushed, and we’ll always try our very best to achieve the style you request!

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Naturally Better

You’ll also be happy to know we’re a natural pet groomer, only choosing the best natural dog grooming products for your dog. It’s one of the defining core values of Gallipots that we do what we can for the health and wellbeing of dogs, our family, our community, and our planet.

Gallipots Dog Grooming in South Cave is located in easy reach of North Cave, Brough, North Ferriby, Swanland, Market Weighton, and beyond.

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Gallipots Pet Health Store and Dog Grooming Olive Leaf

Gallipot's Special Treatments

Add any of the following treatments to your dogs Gallipots Groom in our luxurious dog grooming salon here in South Cave.

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