EquiGroomer 5 Inch


The EquiGroomer is a safe, gentle and effective de-shedding tool used to removed unwanted hair from horses, dogs, cats and other animals without damaging the topcoat. Measures 5″ long.


As used by some of the top groomers in America, we are the only U.K stockists of this amazing grooming tool. You won’t believe how easily this EquiGroomer removes your dogs shedding hair!

Modelled after a traditional shedding stone originally designed for horses. This EquiGroomer is a safe, gentle and effective tool that removes dead and unwanted hair. Perfect for horses, dogs, cats and any other animals that sheds.

Most grooming tools work by reaching down through the coat and pulling dead hair out from the base. With EquiGroomers coarse blade, it grabs the loose hair from the ends, so there’s no tugging or harm to the skin. This is especially important for sensitive-skinned animals.

The blade is designed to be safe no matter how much or how often you use it. It simply will not damage the topcoat or remove any healthy hair. Regular use will result in a coat that’s shiny, smooth and soft!

Weight 0.127 kg
Dimensions N/A

Natural Cedar, Orange, Lime Green, Turquoise, Blue, Purple, Pink, Red


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