Dorwest Fragaria 3C for Dogs And Cats

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Dorwest Fragaria 3C can be used to soften, help prevent and slow down the formation of plaque on the teeth of dogs and cats.

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Reduce plaque on your dogs teeth with Dorwest Fragaria 3C which can be used to soften, help prevent and slow down the formation of plaque and tartar.

Dorwest’s Fragaria 3C is derived from Fragaria Vesca which is commonly known as the Wood Strawberry. It is a homeopathic remedy prepared from the ripe fruit of this plant and is used for the removal and control of tooth plaque in dogs and cats , which if severe can lead to gingivitis, tooth decay and ultimately tooth loss.

Your dog’s diet play’s a huge part in your dogs oral health and highly processed dry food fed regularly, which can be high in sugars, will always result poor dental health over time. Consider changing your dogs diet if high sugar content is present and give them a natural chew that can help reduce tartar build up.  Also think about getting them used to regular tooth brushing as part of their ongoing care.

Chip’s Tips – Your dog or cats oral health is incredibly important to their overall wellbeing and by reducing plaque and tartar your ensuring they keep healthy teeth for life. Also Try our Vegetable Toothbrush

Need to know  
Active ingredients Fragaria 3C
Dosage Fragaria 3C administration is always the same for any size or breed of animal, but the frequency of administration may vary.
Administration For dogs and cats with encrusted teeth, give one daily for up to one month until tartar is significantly reduced. As a preventative against new tartar build up give one weekly thereafter.
Use short and long term
Use during pregnancy and lactation
Minimum age for use 8 weeks
Interactions Can be given in conjunction with anything else
Pack sizes 100 pillules
Weight 0.012 kg
Dimensions 1.8 × 1.8 × 6 cm


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