Canovel Probiotic Yoghurt Treat

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This delicious probiotic yoghurt treat bar by Canovel is a great option of daily treat or reward that will make your dog drool. Made and shaped like a chocolate bar for easy snap off and feed. Suitable for all adult dogs.

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Probiotic Yoghurt Treat

Probiotic Yoghurt Treat by Canovel is a delicious, functional snack for dogs while it helps to support healthy digestion and gut function, as well as overall health.

Designed for daily feeding, this tasty treat bar is bursting with healthy ingredients, including delicious yoghurt providing a healthy source of calcium for strong teeth and bones. It also contains added gut flora/probiotic culture, enterococcus Faecium, added to promote good health, healthy digestion and a strong immune system, while encouraging healthy nutrient absorption for overall wellbeing and condition.  When fed daily is can provide visible digestive results in as little as four weeks, and helps to keep your dog happy, healthy, fit and active.

This treat bar is a delicious, healthy treat bar made with dog-friendly ingredients. It has been made with high quality ingredients to promote good health in your pet. This treat bar contains real yoghurt to give your dog a rich dose of calcium. This in turn, promotes strong teeth and also bones. After feeding your dog this treat, you will see visible results within four weeks when fed as the instructions guide. This treat bar is moulded like a chocolate bar and breaks down into small squares which is ideal for daily treats or as a reward for good behaviour. Overall, this enhances the general health and wellbeing of your dog.

This tasty treat is suitable for all adult dogs.

Feeding Guide

Small Dogs up to 10kg – 1 square per day

Medium Dogs 10kg to 25kg – 2 squares per day

Large Dogs over 25kg – 4 squares per day

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