PetproBio Prebiotic supplement 250ml

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PetproBio Prebiotic Supplement 250ml is a tasty, natural pet feed additive for your pets health and overall vitality. Trusted by pet parents and vets.

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PetproBio Prebiotic Pet Digestive Supplement 250ml

  • Natural supplement
  • Trusted by pet parents and vets
  • 250ml bottle
  • Several health benefits

PetproBio Prebiotic digestive supplement 250ml, a daily dose of goodness for your pet. This prebiotic supplement 250ml is a tasty, natural pet probiotic feed additive for your pet`s health and overall vitality. PetproBio is GMO-free, with no artificial colours, attractants, flavours or additives.

Each 5ml serving of PetproBio will help support & maintain healthy digestion and immune function.


  • Healthy skin and also reduced irritation with a glossy & even coat
  • Better digestion leading to solid, healthy stools and reduced smell
  • Increased immunity also resistance
  • Increased metabolic efficiency aiding weight issues

How does it work?

Once PetproBio is in the digestive system, it supports and aids friendly bacteria to start to grow. In other words, this prevents the growth of unhealthy, undesirable and harmful bacteria. Promoting healthy bacteria in the gut greatly reduces the capacity for disease-causing bacteria to thrive. Gradually harmful bacteria will be crowded out as friendly bacteria populate the lining of the bowel where pathogenic bacteria would normally attach and multiply. Also, this ensures friendly bacteria are given the best chance to compete for common nutrients, therefore, lowering the risks of unwanted bacteria growing.

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