Aviform MontyTummy for Dogs

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Aviform MontyTummy for dogs is a great health supplement to help your dogs digestive system pass health stool. Fast acting. Helps to promote good health and remove toxins.

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Aviform MontyTummy for Dogs

  • Diarrhoea Treatment
  • Suitable for dogs from 6 weeks old
  • Fast-Acting

Aviform MontyTummy for Dogs is an effective digestive supplement and superior suspension for dogs from the age of 6 weeks old.

MontyTummy for dogs is fast-acting and for firmer and healthier stools. Far more effective than other products claiming similar benefits. More effective than Kaolin.

This product offers great relief for those dogs who are feeling nervous because of loose bowel movements. Aviform MontyTummy for dogs also helps dogs with bad allergies.

Aviform MontyTummy for dogs usually stops digestive problems after the first use. This will also save you trips to the vet when the digestive issue of loose motions can be resolved from the comfort of you and your dogs home.

Key Benefits:

  • Very high absorbency
  • Helps promote good health
  • Helps remove toxins

Key Ingredients:

  • Montmorillonite
  • Active Attapulgite

Dog Weight and Daily Dose information:

  • Up to 10kg – 5ml
  • 10kg to 25kg – 10ml
  • 25kg to 40kg – 15ml
  • Over 40kg – 20ml

Please Note: Give Aviform MontyTummy to your best friend direct with a syringe supplied or add to food

Aviform provides nutritional supplements for Horses, Dogs, Cats, Poultry, Racing Pigeons and Aviary Birds since 1977. More than 40 years of nutritional product expertise backs every single Aviform formulation.

Additional Information:

Montmorillonite is a colloid that is an electrically charged particle. Colloids naturally bine to toxins in your dog’s digestive system, effectively removing them via stool. This action helps dogs with bad allergies by binding and removing the minerals that are also readily assimilated by your dog.

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