Covid19 Notice


Here at Gallipots, we take the safety of our community and staff seriously and we want to give you as much peace of mind as we can that we have taken steps to minimize the risk of Covid19 exposure to help keep everyone safe. This Covid19 Notice is intended to be read and agreed to by all customers of Gallipots Store at 81 Market Place, South Cave East Yorkshire, HU15 2AS.


  1. We ask that all appointments are made online from the dog grooming booking portal of our website, by phone to 01482 692222 or via facebook rather than in store. Future appointments can still be made at the time of departure from your current appointment in store however.
  2. On arriving and departing with your dog for their appointment, please be on time as we aim to limit the number of people entering the store to ensure we provide good social distancing.
  3. Please use the hand gel located at the front door when entering the store.
  4. Please ensure you are wearing a face mask if you are not exempt from doing so. We will also be wearing face masks or face shields when speaking with you and throughout grooming your dog.
  5. We have measures in place for additional cleaning procedures over and above our high standards of cleanliness.
  6. For dogs that require hand stripping, we will be offering this service from Tuesday 30th March 2021 following the government roadmap on easing restrictions.
  7. Please be aware your dogs lead and collar may be damp when you collect your dog as we will have washed these.
  8. Should you wish to view or purchase any products from our store we ask that you do this when departing with your dog from our grooming service. You can also arrange click and collect through our website.


  1. Please use the hand gel located at the front door before entering the store.
  2. Please ensure you are wearing a face mask if you are not exempt from doing so.
  3. We are operating a one way system in the store. We will aim to serve you quickly but please be patient at busier times of the day. If you are asked to wait outside we will ensure that current shoppers and ourselves allow for a quick purchase.
  4. To safeguard against contact transmission, we ask that you only handle products you will be purchasing.
  5. We kindly ask for all payments to be made by debit/credit card as there is a potentially higher risk in money-handling although we will accepts cash payments if you have no other means of payment.
  6. Should you need to return a product for any reason following our Refunds & Returns Policy, please ensure you make us aware prior to doing so if anyone in your household has had ill health within the last 14 days of sending your return via mail or returning to our store.

If you or anyone you know is unable to leave home and requires assistance for their pet, please let us know and we will do all we can to ensure they have access to a delivery service for pet food and pet products needed for their welfare.

Detail: This policy is shown on the company page and appointment registration and is required for all clients.

This policy was created on 17th of August 2020

Updated: 23/03/2021